Fueling Good: Leading in Alternative Fuels, Vehicles & Infrastructure

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As the US emerges from the Great Recession, alternative fuels present an opportunity to protect the environment and improve public health, while driving job creation and delivering economic growth. Though petroleum-based fuels will continue to dominate supply in the near future, alternative fuel use is projected to grow at near-exponential rates over the next 30 [...]

Designing 21st Century School with Virtual Reality

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As technology develops within the US military, the quality of life and safety in America improves. While security remains the number one priority of the Department of Defense, a more recent technology has a slightly different mission. In order to provide our military families with comprehensive education, the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) [...]

4 Ways to Achieve a Bat-Friendly Project Site

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Eight species of bats within the U.S. are listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) as threatened or endangered, and several others are proposed for listing or listed as threatened and/or endangered by a state agency. Increasingly, projects must demonstrate lack of impact to bat migration, foraging zones, and nesting sites or have [...]

Top 4 Messages to Clarify in Managed Lanes Signage

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If you can't add signs to it, then you shouldn't build it! As with any transportation project, if the user does not understand how to use the facility, the effectiveness of the project is diminished. With priced managed lanes falling within one of the most complicated transportation facilities, it's imperative that the signage [...]

Guaranteed Tolls – Viable Solution or Risky Endeavor?

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Toll agencies have been offered a "guaranteed" toll in some form or another for years. But, recent offerings associated with all electronic tolling and innovative contracting approaches related to the collection of tolls not associated with an established account (e.g. EZ-Pass, SunPass, TxTag, etc.) has developed newfound interest in guaranteed toll contracts - [...]

Considerations Before Outsourcing Operations

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Toll operations have evolved over the last couple of decades. With all electronic tolling rapidly replacing cash collections and becoming the baseline in the industry, many operations processes have become streamlined and highly efficient. All electronic tolling has been accompanied by new, robust back offices that can crunch through high volumes of transactions [...]

New Technique Could Replenish Depleting Highway Funds

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Due to several factors, the highway funds for federal, state, and local transportation agencies have been depleted. Such factors include an increase in fuel efficient and alternative fueled vehicles, as well as financing dependent on a non-indexed gas tax (a federal gasoline tax not increased since 1993). The bottom line is that without [...]

The 4 Main Responsibilities of an Independent Engineer in System Deployment

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Toll industry technology is constantly evolving and changing the way we collect tolls. An Independent Engineer (IE) works with and oversees the system integrator to ensure system development is consistent with the requirements established by the agency. By having the IE serve in this role, the agency no longer has to rely on [...]

Public-Private Partnerships: Defined and Summarized

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As states and transportation agencies increasingly use P3 terminology, legislation and approach vary nationally. Public-Private Partnerships: “Contractual agreements formed between a public agency and a private sector entity that allow for greater private sector participation in the delivery and financing of transportation projects.” – FHWA Office of Innovative Program Delivery States and transportation [...]