How to Position Your Tolling Agency for Success in an Evolving World

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Agencies today are faced with a tough ask. You’re asked to modernize, but rapidly changing technology can make it hard to keep track of the evolution, much less choose which changes to adopt. The good news: there are several clear actions you can take to ensure you’re moving your agency in the right direction. [...]

FGI 2018 Will Benefit Texas Healthcare Facilities

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As the Texas healthcare industry readies for a seismic shift in 2020 from Texas Administrative Code Chapter 133 (TX133) hospital licensing rules to Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) 2018 requirements, we’re brushing up on what FGI requires. The good news? TX133 is based on FGI guidelines from 2001, so the new codes should be somewhat [...]

Multi-Sector General Permit 2021 Revisions

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Earlier this year, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) held public meetings to discuss revisions to the Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) TXR050000 to better protect our water quality. These revisions are being made in response to changes suggested by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with the alterations to the MSGP permit to [...]

A Quick Agile Guide for Toll Agencies

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What image appears to you when you think of tolls? Coin collection booths? Believe it or not, the toll industry has become software-driven using Electronic Toll Collection. Agencies that have sophisticated software can more efficiently collect revenue while offering advanced customer service features. Suppliers with cutting-edge software can increase their market share quickly in [...]

3 Ways Cloud-Based Tolling Benefits Agencies’ Bottom Lines – And One Note of Caution

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It’s common knowledge in our industry that cloud-based tolling is the wave of the future. What’s not so commonly discussed are the significant financial benefits the switch can provide for tolling agencies. Benefit #1: It’s easier without hardware. Traditional tolling systems mean agencies have to purchase tolling hardware, regularly maintain it, retain a higher [...]

How Today’s Technological Innovations Will Transform Tomorrow’s Reality

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In the next decade, data will transform the A/E/C industry. Architects, engineers, planners and other industry professionals will be able to use digital  information to predict, identify and visualize potential problems long before they're likely to occur -- making for safer, more efficient products. RS&H experts have delved into this issue extensively over the [...]

The Application of Using Managed Lanes for Early Automated Vehicles Deployment

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As the transportation industry tries to keep pace with maintaining its status quo as safely and efficiently as possible, the clock is ticking. Soon, the day will arrive when our nation’s transportation infrastructure will also need to accommodate new and emerging technologies. While pilot programs across the country are already testing connected and automated [...]

Coming Soon: Texas to Adopt FGI Guidelines in 2020

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Since its inception in the late 1990s, the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) has grown into the national leader in guiding the development of the healthcare-built environment. Today, 43 states adhere to at least a portion of FGI’s Guidelines, which are updated every four years. Soon, you can add one more state to the list. [...]

Three Ways Data Drives Healthcare

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The use of data in healthcare goes beyond doctor-patient communication. Today, it can pinpoint where a hospital's location is most useful and what services produce the most desirable benefit. RS&H's role in this trend is to consult and design concepts about how and where a program will thrive. The process of healthcare facility construction [...]