Internships & Growth

We know that internships are invaluable, especially if they may lead to full-time positions after graduation. They also give college students a hands-on learning experience and insight into their career path. Working with our experts, students will grow and advance in their field. And at RS&H, you will be given the responsibility to work on real projects and produce results that are shaping the future.

Ideal candidates for entry-level and internship positions have:

  • 3.0 or greater grade point average
  • Campus/community involvement
  • Solid communication skills and the ability to work well in teams
  • Previous internship experience
  • A strong work ethic
  • Location flexibility

Desired Majors:

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering


Throughout our more than 70-year history, we’ve worked to build a collegial atmosphere where we engage our associates from the beginning of their careers all the way through to when they retire with us.

We see internships as opportunities for both of us. For you, it’s an opportunity to improve your knowledge base, advance your career, and bond with your peers. For us, it’s a chance to get to know you better and show you all that RS&H has to offer.

Juniors, seniors, and graduate students from a wide variety of majors and disciplines have found opportunities to grow and build their careers with RS&H. Every year, dozens of students join our team to tackle projects all around the country.

For us, interns are critical to developing our future leadership. For you, internships are an extended interview. You’ll jump right into a project, be mentored by the best and brightest in the industry, and learn why RS&H is a step above the competition.