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David has more than 18 years of experience in program management, project management, systems analysis, and electronic payment systems for all facets of tolling, managed lanes, transit, parking, and border crossings. He has provided a variety of services for both tolling and transportation clients in areas such as Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Preparing Your Tolls Infrastructure for an Uncertain Future

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There are many current initiatives driving technological advancements in the tolling industry that will affect the future of toll technology infrastructure, such as Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I). It’s imperative that transportation authorities design and implement infrastructure that will accommodate future advancements. If agencies don’t plan properly, they will be at risk of losing time and money, as well as not improving congestion within their communities.

3 Leadership Challenges and Opportunities in the Future of Tolling

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When thinking about the future of transportation and tolling, there are a few key questions that members of the industry should keep at the top of their minds. What does the future hold for transportation and tolling? What and who will drive the changes and innovations? Recently, I participated on a panel of [...]

How the US Will Achieve a National Tolling System

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You’re finally on that road trip vacation you’ve been planning. You’re heading to the big city of New York when you’re about to cross the beautiful George Washington Bridge. But, then you hesitate, realizing you have your TxTag for the tolls. Can you use it to pass through? Currently, no. But, the good [...]

The Next 3 Advancements in the Toll Industry

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The Greek philosopher Heraclitus believed that change is central to the universe. This describes the tolling industry with the technological advancements (transponders, vehicle classification and detection, and video) over the past 20 years. We also are moving from gated toll plazas to open road tolling to all electronic tolling, from HOV to managed [...]

New Technique Could Replenish Depleting Highway Funds

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Due to several factors, the highway funds for federal, state, and local transportation agencies have been depleted. Such factors include an increase in fuel efficient and alternative fueled vehicles, as well as financing dependent on a non-indexed gas tax (a federal gasoline tax not increased since 1993). The bottom line is that without [...]

Agencies Taking Action, Dealing with Toll Violators

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Habitual violators, flagrant violators, and super scofflaws are many of the names that tolling agencies have titled motorists who rack up large amounts in toll violations and fail to pay for extended period of time. So, how does an agency collect from these violators when regular violation notices and collection efforts have gone [...]

Factors that Warrant an Emergency Power System for a Toll Road

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In a period of reduced funding for roadway construction projects, the cost effectiveness of many design elements should be reviewed as engineering consultants strive to assure operational integrity and safety of the roadway. One of these elements is emergency power backup for tolling sites, including open road tolling (ORT), managed/express lanes, and traditional [...]

Check List: Issues to Consider when Converting to AET

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Most new tolling systems are developed and implemented as All Electronic Tolling (AET) without a cash payment option for motorists. In addition, many traditional toll systems throughout the country have been or are being converted to AET. But how do agencies convert systems that may have cash, tickets, video, or automatic vehicle identification? [...]