Christine O'Loughlin

About Christine O'Loughlin

Christine has over 20 years of experience in program, contract, and performance monitoring, as well as staff management. She’s skilled in quality assurance and contract compliance and provides consultant services to toll industry clients in the areas of customer service center operations, planning, back office systems, and quality control and assessment.

How Communication Strategy Can Make or Break a Toll Road

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We’ve all heard it before: communication is key. That statement is no less important when a tolling agency is planning the opening of a new toll road. In fact, effective communication is critical to a toll road’s initial success and continued progress down the road. Long before the back-office system (BOS) begins program changes [...]

Three Ways to Prepare Your Agency for Disruptive Technology

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“Disruption is not something we set out to do. It is something that happens because of what we do.” According to Brian Solis, the world-renowned digital analyst, this is the essence of the disruptive technologies that now pervade all industries. And the toll industry is no exception. Disruptive technologies are radically different from the [...]