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Alternative Project Delivery
White Paper Series

We would like to share a series of articles aimed to add value to your organization while provoking thought and discussion about market trends and dynamics. Our professionals have worked side-by-side with public agency clients to successfully implement more than $47 billion in transportation projects using APD. No two projects are exactly alike, and we strive to use this experience to assist in maximizing performance and improve upon procurement models.

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Do you feel your team is managing alternative delivery projects efficiently? Are your projects achieving strong results with superior financial results? Are you aware of how national market conditions can affect cost and schedule overruns on your projects?

As an industry, we need to work together to expand our understanding of the current market dynamics and share lessons learned to overcome alternative delivery project implementation challenges. The APD market is growing, and RS&H believes we can fully leverage its benefits.

Here are the topics you can expect in the series to help you skillfully navigate the APD waters:

Available now.
  • Effective Alternative Delivery Procurement Strategies for Transportation Projects
  • Is Growth Hurting the Transportation Alternative Delivery Market?
Coming soon.
  • Progressive Design-Build
  • Design-Build Team Collaboration
  • Training and Collaboration in Risk Management
  • Advisors to Support Procurement Strategy