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I-595 North New River Canal Hydraulic Analysis

While serving as the Corridor Design Consultant for the I-595 Corridor Roadway Improvements in Broward County, Florida, RS&H completed a hydraulic analysis of the North New River Canal (NNRC), which lies within the study corridor right-of-way. The proposed improvements require portions of the canal banks to be filled in behind sheet pile bulkhead. Several bridges that cross the NNRC will be replaced and new crossings added. The Florida Department of Transportation has committed to preserving the flow capacity and maintainability of the canal while making the proposed roadway improvements, therefore analysis was required to ensure the capacity of the canal remained at or above the existing level. 

The NNRC Basin has an area of approximately 30 square miles and is bordered by Water Conservation Area (WCA) 2B, Florida’s Turnpike, and I-595. The Canal Hydraulic Analysis assessed the hydraulic conditions associated with the existing and proposed canal geometry, as well as the structures that cross it. Approximately half of the canal within the study area is controlled by a gated control structure, Sewell Lock (G-54), which discharges to the North New River, a tidally influenced stream.
Utilizing detailed topographic survey, along with Microstation and Geopak, RS&H created a detailed set of existing condition cross sections for use in HEC-RAS. The HEC-RAS model extended approximately 9.6 miles upstream of the Sewell Lock and included 14 individual bridge structures and approximately four miles of channel cross section modification. RS&H then conducted a detailed analysis of impacts to the water surface profiles by creating an updated proposed condition model that incorporated the proposed bridge modifications. Through this analysis and careful coordination with the project team, the team selected and recommended a design that would not impact water surface elevations in the canal.

Project Information

Broward County, Florida

Florida Department of Transportation, District Four