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New Culinary Arts Facility Brings Flavor to Downtown Jacksonville

Florida State College at Jacksonville recently opened the doors to its new 5,400-square-foot Culinary Arts and Hospitality facility, located at its downtown campus. While the space is new, the structure itself didn’t start as a blank canvas.

In fact, RS&H designed the facility from what was previously a welding lab.

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New Cancer Center to Drive Medical Tourism in North Florida

As the proverb goes, “two heads are better than one.” Or, in this instance, two healthcare conglomerates are better than one. As organizations continue to look for solutions to provide higher quality care to more patients, at a more efficient rate, a familiar model is to combine one group’s strengths with another. And thus, the birth of a unique partnership between the highly regarded Mayo Clinic and St. Vincent’s HealthCare, resulting in the Mayo Cancer Center at St. Vincent’s Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida.

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New Concept Creates Open, Interactive Branch Experience

VyStar Credit Union, a company that supports 21 Northeast Florida counties, is dedicated to enhancing their members’ experience, ensuring their time spent in one of their branches is productive and efficient. While the company strives to better meet the needs of their members, they also want to stay ahead of the curve with technological advances.

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YMCA Design Rejuvenates a Community

Every project has a purpose. For some projects, the purpose is more meaningful than others. For the new Winston Family YMCA situated neatly on the budding Riverwalk in the Riverside community of Jacksonville, the purpose is certainly consequential.

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Quick Response Strategy Leads to Fully Renovated High-Rise Office

The lobby area for JPMorgan Chase was designed within the company's national standards, but incorporated new design elements.

To consolidate its employees in the Atlanta market and create synergy between its different business lines, JPMorgan Chase, a leading global financial services firm, decided to move to one main location. The move brought five different lines of business together and combined approximately 400 employees into one location, the Monarch Tower, a high-rise north of downtown. However, JPMorgan Chase was under pressure to vacate one of its previous facilities, causing an accelerated design of the complete renovation of the 84,000-square-foot building. Through a quick response strategy between our team of architects, interior designers, and engineers, RS&H was able to complete the office renovation in a condensed nine-week timeframe.

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