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RS&H Analyzes Noise Impacts from Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles at Cecil Field

In a recent article published by ArcNews, RS&H’s Highway Designer Lloyd Facklam and Environmental Scientist Cynthia Grizzle explain how geographic information systems (GIS) were used in a project to map potential noise exposure levels in 3D, setting a new standard for the analysis of potential spaceport noise impacts.

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) has teamed with RS&H to prepare commercial launch site operator license application documentation, environmental analyses, and a commercial spaceport master plan at Naval Air Station Cecil Field in Florida. Read more about this project here.

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Integrating Autonomous Vehicles and Managed Lanes

When managed lanes first emerged on American highways, the primary form of congestion management was vehicle restriction, like high occupancy vehicles (HOV) or no-truck Lanes. Over time, however, the effectiveness of these vehicle restrictions in managing congestion has diminished. In many cases, HOV lanes have gone through a period in which lane degradation has exceeded federal limitations, highlighting the need for new congestion management options.

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Team Overcomes Challenges During Mathews Bridge Repairs

RS&H, in association with Five Studios, has produced, “In the Blink of an Eye,” a documentary detailing the story of the heroic Mathews Bridge Emergency Repairs in Jacksonville, Florida.

When the bridge was hit by a ship in late 2013, a main truss member of the structure was severed, causing safety concerns and authorities to close the bridge immediately. Based on our long-history and knowledge of the bridge, RS&H was called to the scene to help design the repairs in remarkable time.

The documentary shows the process and challenges the team overcame together to reopen the bridge in a quick and impressive 34 days from September 26 through October 29, 2013. More than 200 workers came together for this emergency repair project.


For a longer version of the video, click here.

Autonomous Vehicles Drive the Future of Transportation Infrastructure

Traffic on the road at night, Allen Parkway, Houston, Texas, USA

The planning, design, and funding processes of our nation’s transportation infrastructure, including highways and city streets, are bound to see significant shifts in the next ten years.

Over the next decade, all stakeholders, including federal, state, and local transportation agencies in the A/E/C industry, may need to re-think their business plans as a result of a major innovation in technology. Autonomous vehicles, sometimes known as automated vehicles, smart cars, driverless cars, and intelligent vehicles, can be described as vehicles that are capable of providing significant independent driving assistance. Prototypes are being developed and tested by multiple companies, including Mercedes, Audi, Ford, and Google – meaning we are closer to this science-fiction ideology than some may think.

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RS&H Moves Up in Top 500 Firms List

Engineering News-Record (ENR) recently released its 2014 Top 500 Design Firms rankings, and RS&H has climbed from No. 80 to No. 69, its largest jump over the last 15 years.

“RS&H’s rise in the ENR rankings reflects positively on the hard work of our client and project managers,” said CMO Joe Debs. “Our dedication to client service through our market-based Practices translates into company growth and success.”

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