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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Houston-Conroe Mitigation Bank

The RS&H Tyler office is celebrating an exciting milestone this summer. The Houston-Conroe Mitigation Bank (HCMB) will soon have a signed Mitigation Banking Instrument (MBI) and can begin selling stream mitigation credits for impacts in the greater Houston area.

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Web-based Mapping Application Located Utilities

The City of Chireno has one of the largest natural gas distribution systems in East Texas with approximately 250 miles of pipeline that services approximately 1,600 customers. The City of Chireno Municipal Gas System realized it was down to the last set of paper map books created in the early 1970s.

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Water Treaty of 1944 Dries Up

If you live in East Texas, you’re probably not having a water shortage problem with all the recent storms we’ve been having. However, if you live or work in the Rio Grande Valley, you may still be asking “where has all the water gone?” But, Mother Nature is not the only culprit.

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Spaceport Licensing: Converting Runways for Next Generation Space Travel

RS&H’s Aviation Consultant and Spaceport Planner Ken Ibold authored a recent article in the FES Journal titled, “Spaceport Licensing: Converting Runways for Next Generation Space Travel.” Ken addresses the current state of the spaceport industry and identifies some of the challenges that airports face when converting into a spaceport.

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Crude Oil Export Ban Removal Could Benefit Oil Industry

The Tyler Chamber of Commerce recently passed a resolution in support of lifting the U.S.’ ban on crude oil exports. As a member of the Chamber, we did a little homework on the issue to make an informed decision whether to support or oppose the resolution.

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