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RS&H Creates Visualization for Missouri Department of Transportation

RS&H recently provided visualization services to produce an animation for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) used to demonstrate a new freeway planned between Rogersville and Springfield, Missouri. The animation was part of a recent KY3-TV news report in Springfield.

Both the public and the MoDOT officials were impressed with the visualization showing the animated transformation of the current highway to the proposed freeway.

“If you are not used to reading plans like a lot of us engineers are, then I think this does a better job of representing what it is going to look like when the project is finished,” said Sean Matlock, the MoDOT project engineer.

Canada Finds New Oil Route to Avoid US Environmental Policy

The Alberta Oil Sands in Canada are the third largest oil reserve in the world with 168 billion barrels, but it lies isolated and trapped. Currently, TransCanada’s Keystone and Gulf Coast Pipelines provide a direct conduit from Alberta to the refineries in the Gulf Coast of Texas, but it couldn’t meet the capacity demands. An extension, the Keystone XL Pipeline was planned, but landowners in Nebraska and environmentalists began to protest and lobby, and the project was put on hold indefinitely by President Obama in 2011.

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Value Capture Finance – A Promising Tool for Infrastructure?

In the search for innovative financing mechanisms in the infrastructure industry, value capture financing has emerged as a beneficial tool. Long established as a local government mechanism for real estate and redevelopment financing, value capture is now being used to directly support significant infrastructure programs around the country. The idea is simple. Wherever new transportation access is provided (such as new interchanges, new transit stations, or new transportation corridors) nearby property becomes more attractive for development and improvement. Resulting land value premiums from this investment create an enhanced tax revenue base.Continue Reading →

RS&H Pediatric Healthcare Design Selected as Finalist in National Competition

RS&H’s design of a pediatric room was selected as a top three finalist for the 2014 Family Centered Cancer Care Design Competition, sponsored by the Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc.

Designed to nurture families and inspire children’s imagination, the area features nooks to explore, a marker board wall for coloring, and a projection screen controlled by patients for their own entertainment and education.

“Our key design driver was the notion of nooks, in that we wished to create pockets of space for nurturing family support and child’s opportunities for imagination,” said RS&H architect Michael Compton, who led the effort. “Team member Mario Lambert came up with the idea.”

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Dorina Bakiri’s Design Chosen for Jacksonville Garden

The Florida Times-Union recently featured plans for a new community garden in the traditional neighborhood of Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida. RS&H architect Dorina Bakiri’s proposed design was the top design chosen by community members.

According to the article, Bakiri drew inspiration from the neighborhood’s “richly planted and elegant” front yards and porches. The design, (Simple) Curve, features a curving wall and 34 small plots that will be leased to gardeners.

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