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Software as a Service Solution for Tolling – Good Fit or Snake Oil?

Top 12 Aspects to Include in a Concept of Operations

The effectiveness of any managed lanes project, especially priced managed lanes, is measured by how they operate. The operations, as it’s associated with the pricing of vehicles, exempt vehicle identification, signing, enforcement, incident management, emergency response, to name a few. All of these operational aspects are affected by the way the facility is designed and constructed, since these create the physical constraints that the agency and stakeholders must work within.

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5 Facts about the Clean Power Plan

On February 9, 2016, the Supreme Court stayed implementation of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) pending judicial review. Were you familiar with the CPP before the news broke? Learn about the basics of the plan and what we can expect in the future.

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Top 5 Steps of Conducting Oil & Gas Due Diligence

When purchasing an oil or gas facility or property, buyers should be aware of the lurking risks. One way to mitigate some of the risk is by performing thorough pre-purchase environmental due diligence. This will help to ensure that permits and records are in order, no significant contamination is present on site, and no legal encumbrances are associated with the properties.

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7 Important Milestones of the Clean Water Rule

Five months ago, a federal appeals court issued a nationwide stay of the Clean Water Rule (commonly referred to as the Waters of the U.S or WOTUS rule). The stay will be maintained while the legal battles surrounding it are reviewed by the country’s courts. But, the buzz about this controversial rule didn’t stop there.

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