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Project Highlights

Our Core Values

Training & Development

The Training and Development program at RS&H aims to provide associates with continual opportunities to improve their professional skills and to become leaders in their respective fields. Last year in the Tyler office, our associates participated in OSHA safety training, obtained a number of TxDOT pre-certifications, attended a TxDOT environmental conference, completed project management boot camp, and joined a variety of professional organizations.

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Consequences of Not Complying with Environmental Laws and Regulations

Most consequences in life don’t seem possible until they actually happen. Whether it is going that extra five miles over the speed limit or not getting your inspection sticker on time, it can be easy to overlook potential repercussions. The same holds true for environmental related laws and regulations. It seems easy to construct that well location without contacting a consulting firm to conduct a wetland determination, threatened and endangered species evaluation, or cultural resource assessment. It would be cheaper if a company did not have to install that emission-reducing equipment or mitigate for the stream that was re-routed. Noncompliance could lead to delays in project completion, enforcement fees, or criminal penalties that are not worth it. Below are a few examples of companies that paid the price for noncompliance – literally.

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New Stream Mitigation Rules for the Fort Worth, Texas District

On October 2, 2013, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District announced its adoption of the new Stream Mitigation Method (SMM). The method aims to increase in-kind mitigation for impacts to stream resources by giving preference to stream mitigation credits generated through in-stream improvements.

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Home Tips to Conserve our Natural Resources

We all want clean water to drink, healthy food to eat, clean air to breathe, and nature that can be appreciated. We all enjoy the natural resources in life, and we can take a few steps each day to make sure future generations will too.

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