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Toll Facility System Connectivity

More and more commuters have recognized the convenience and benefits of managed lane roadways. Agencies are responding to this growing acceptance by expanding these facilities and creating a safe and efficient regional network of managed lanes. Due to the overall magnitude of these projects and their potential to dramatically improve mobility, agencies look to optimize toll operations by developing an end-to-end customer experience for motorists.

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Managed Lanes Can Help Alleviate Costs and Congestion

North and south Seattle traffic in evening commute

My boss kept me late, and now I’m rushing to my son’s daycare trying not to pay the late fee of $1 per minute for every minute after 5:15 p.m. Why are we stopping?

Traffic congestion is going to cost me time and money. When faced with this, wouldn’t it be nice to have an option to use an express lane that avoids the congestion for less than the cost of the daycare penalty?

This is just one example of the cost of congestion and how express lanes can assist drivers by providing transportation choices. We spend a lot of time in our cars getting to and from our destinations, whether it’s getting to work on time, making it to practice or simply trying to stay on schedule.

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Dealing with Toll Opposition

With all of the variable approaches to tolling, the one constant we seem to face is opposition. The success of the interstate system and gas tax funding make it difficult for some individuals to accept pricing in providing transportation solutions.

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Introducing Tolls & Managed Lanes to New Markets

As you begin developing a tolling or managed lane facility in a new area, the challenge becomes how to introduce tolling in a manner that will quickly gain acceptance.

The facility must address current and future travel demands to improve traffic operations in the region. The goal is always to deliver exceptional, consistent, and reliable service by developing infrastructure improvements that provide a safe, convenient, and congestion-free facility.

Introducing tolls and managed lanes to new markets can effectively be broken down into the following five steps.

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4 Reasons Why System Integrator & Contractor Coordination Will Enhance Managed Lane Projects

Managed lane projects are being developed nationwide as cost-effective congestion management relief tools. When developing an RFP, the agency should require close coordination between the toll system integrator and the design-build contractor. On many projects, the system integrator is hired under a separate contract from that of the contractor. But that could be detrimental. A coordinated approach benefits the project in four ways.

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