First impressions mean a lot when going through the interview and hiring process – not only for the person being interviewed, but also for the person conducting the interview. For potential employees, a recruiter is often the first person from that company the individual will interact with. He or she is the face of the company and sets the tone for the entire relationship going forward.

We’re very thankful to have a talented recruiting team that keeps our company culture thriving with new talent and a positive atmosphere. While each member of the team has a unique background, they are all friendly, approachable, and eager to help match the right people to the right opportunities. Read on below to learn more about each of our passionate and hardworking company ambassadors. You can even drop a note via email by clicking on each person’s name.

Wanda, Talent Acquisition Manager

Wanda is in the lead as our Talent Acquisition Manager. With her “can-do” attitude, she keeps our recruiting team energized.

When asked what her favorite part of the job is, she answers quite simply, “people!” saying that she enjoys the opportunity to interact with our great managers and pair amazing new applicants with their dream jobs.

Anyone who knows Wanda will know that this Florida native loves visiting Disney, but she also enjoys traveling, and would someday like to visit Thailand, Maldives, and Iceland.


Jami, Corporate Recruiter

Jami loves being the person to deliver the awesome news when someone is hired. Sometimes, being “the messenger” can be a great thing!

Outside of work, Jami has a passion for farming and RV travel, with a dream to someday take a motor home across the entire country and maybe even start a farm of her own.


Brittany, Corporate Recruiter

Brittany says her favorite aspect of her work is not only interacting with RS&H employees at every level, but also hearing their stories and why they are so passionate about what they do.

What some do not realize about her is that Brittany was actually one of eight children. With such a large family, she has certainly been able to further develop her wonderful communication skills.


Lindsay, Corporate Recruiter

Building relationships is key as a recruiter and this is Lindsay’s favorite aspect of the job. She enjoys getting to know both managers and candidates throughout the process.

A fun fact about Lindsay – while some have a favorite food of “macaroni and cheese” or “pizza,” Lindsay’s favorite is pizza with macaroni and cheese as a topping! This may seem unorthodox to some, but in fact Lindsay is considered a pizza connoisseur.