Florida State College at Jacksonville recently opened the doors to its new 5,400-square-foot Culinary Arts and Hospitality facility, located at its downtown campus. While the space is new, the structure itself didn’t start as a blank canvas.

In fact, RS&H designed the facility from what was previously a welding lab.

The Culinary Arts and Hospitality facility adds vibrancy and flavor to the downtown campus, providing a robust kitchen and dining area, alongside colorful décor.

Students attending classes at the new space will be training on anything from basic culinary arts to supervisory/management positions in the food service and hospitality industry. With some new tools and a little flair, they will be well-prepared to take on professional work upon graduating.

The Culinary Arts program isn’t the only addition downtown. The downtown Jacksonville campus has been undergoing a full revitalization.

“Part of what I believe our community needs, as we look at the downtown revitalization of the city core of Jacksonville, is we need live bodies, energetic bodies, and students are the best of what I could imagine living downtown, 24-hour-a-day, seven days a week and bring that kind of energy to the city core,” said FSCJ President Cynthia Bioteau.



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Ellen Kramp

Ellen Kramp

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